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Wailing Mourners on the Road

445 Kilometers, northwest of Nairobi, off the Kisumu Busia Highway at Bumala, lies Funyula.

The little town lies afoot the majestic hills. The road to the town is fully tarmacked and it is a breeze getting there. You can also get a boda boda (Local means of transport on a motorcycle) to get there; It will only cost you KES 50-100 (depending on how good a bargainer you are)


On my way from Bumala to Funyula my trip was made slower by a convoy of mourners who were ferrying the deceased on top of a Van and more than a hundred boda boda riders followed the van carrying the body. Coming from the Central part of Kenya I was really amazed at what was happening as it is never in our custom to ride boda bodas , well not hundreds of them to a funeral. The Mourners wailed as the convoy slowly snaked through the road to Funyula. There was a Pickup truck at the head of the convoy and it was mounted with large speakers withy blaring music. It was a sight to behold, villagers came in droves from their homes just to watch the convoy.


I myself was on a bodaboda and eventually found myself part of the convoy as me and my rider struggled to overtake the whole convoy. It became apparent that this would not happen and we were stuck with the convoy for a slow and draining 15mins before I could reach my destination. It wasn’t that dull though as I got to know how to make a good ‘funeral wail’. Next to us on the moving convoy was a man who was talking to me amidst all the noise and wind from the moving boda bodas, he told me that you need to wail at the top of your voice, taking in as much air as possible and passing it through your vocal cords, with the sound of somebody like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey. Having my kind of voice, this was not possible for me, I will just keep to talking normally or shouting if i really have to.



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One thought on “Wailing Mourners on the Road

  1. hehehehe, nice one, Wanjau 🙂 Made me laugh. Don’t force the wail but force the singing instead because it’s more entertaining! Keep writing, rafikiiii

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